Wallcovering styles change. With that dynamic comes the need for cutting edge ink formulations that go far beyond mere color.

  • Our water-based ink systems serve both the residential and commercial wallcovering markets.

  • Our unique and unparalleled puff inks, glitter and pearl formulations, as well as specialty coatings such as soft and velvet touch offer the wallpaper manufacturer options never before available.

  • Ink systems are available in flexo, gravure, rotary and flatbed screen, air knife, and spray applications.

  • Custom color matching as well as process colors are available.

  • A wide variety of specialty and effect coatings available.

  • Inks and coatings available in both cationic and anionic formulations

  • Polytex’s ink systems are engineered to print on a variety of substrates including: paper, PVC, non-PVC films, non-woven and glass fiber.

  • Inks are manufactured in large batch sizes for consistent quality control.

  • All colors spectrally matched for optimum repeatability and uniformity.

  • All inks available in 5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums, and totes.

Polytex’s ink systems provide the wallcovering manufacturer with many different texture and finish options that were formerly unavailable.

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