Inks and Coatings for Folding Cartons and Finishing

Innovative and high quality inks that are bright and durable.

Inks for folding carton and finishing need to have two often opposing characteristics; appealing effects and durable performance.

Polytex’s innovative offering for the folding carton and finishing market segments have industry leading aesthetic appeal and high performance.

  • Glitter and pearl coatings for flexo, tower coaters, rotary and flatbed screen.

  • Velvet-touch coatings that offer phenomenal grip and product resistance.

  • Soft-touch coatings that offer excellent tactile feel with no burnishing.

  • Low odor effect coatings.

  • High gloss, slip, and product resistant gloss coatings.

  • Non-fingerprint coatings.

  • Non-burnishing matte coating.

  • Flexible, no cracking matte and gloss coatings.

  • Non-yellowing coatings.

  • Iridescent pearl tints available in several different colors.

  • Puff coatings for flatbed and rotary screen, available in clear and tinted versions.

  • Mica inks.

  • Pearl coatings in a wide variety of finishes and effects.

  • Glitter coatings in a wide variety of shapes and particle sizes.

Folding cartons and finishing rely on eye-catching components to stand apart from the average products on the market.

Since standing apart is one of the most crucial elements of what you produce, why not use a resource like Polytex to ensure your operation is able to provide the latest in ink and coating innovations?